WHP Studios Works With Your Eating Disorder Treatment Plan.

We Align With Experts

We’ve worked with Eating Disorder Psychologists and patients since 2019, which has allowed us to learn firsthand, how to design the right programs and training methods.

Create a Custom Plan

We cater to your needs, from custom training plans to payment plans for packaged sessions. We let your treatment plan lead the way and don’t let typical gym scheduling/payments interfere.

Track Progress

Our trainers want you to succeed! Progress doesn’t always equal being able to do more reps, it involves both mental and physical growth. Simple methods to keep track goes a long way.

2022 Chicago NEDA Walk

The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) is the largest nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting individuals and families affected by eating disorders. We had the privilege of sponsoring the Annual Chicago Neda Walk on Oct 1st, 2022. We made a ton of connections, had free giveaways, games, and our own Dana Buccheri led the warm-up stretch! Over 1000 people participated this year in fundraising and walking to raise awareness and treat, eating disorders.

Local Chicago Support Service

Dr. Catharine Devlin
Practice Owner, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Address: 180 Michigan Ave Suite 1025-c, Chicago IL 60601
Phone: (773)-417-9349
Website: birchtreepsychotherapy.com

Licensed Psychologists
Address: 5547 N Ravenswood Suite 201 , Chicago IL 60640
Phone: (773)-4349-2466
Website: bridgepointpsychology.com

Emily Marshall
Registered Dietitian
Youtube: It’s Just a Cookie
Phone: (773)-417-9349
Website: Truebeingrd.com