Nicoletta Straub

(National Strength and Conditioning Association – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)
First Aid, CPR, AED
HAES (Health at Every Size)


Meet Nicoletta

About Me
As a certified trainer, I draw upon my past experiences and ever-expanding knowledge and skills to offer customized sessions that meet your unique needs and abilities. I strive to help you build confidence and competence in your body so that so that you feel strong, no matter what you encounter in your everyday life. From improving your posture and mobility to building muscle or preparing for your latest fitness event, I’m committed to supporting you on your health journey.

How do you motivate clients?
I want to help you find fun in fitness because it’s not something you should feel forced to do. Exercise is meant to make us feel good, and if you hate your workout…what’s the point? When it’s fun, that’s when it becomes an attainable, sustainable, and desirable part of your lifestyle.

What are your interests outside of training?
When I’m not supporting and motivating clients, I train as a strongwoman and participate in competitive events across the country. I also enjoy gardening (I’m a proud plant mom to 25+ plants), trying new foods, hiking and camping, and cycling.

Skills & Focus Area

– Strength Training
– Muscle Building
– Conditioning
– Bodyweight Training
– Free-weight and Barbell Form
– Strongman and powerlifting Competition Training
– Workout and Sports Nutrition Guidance