Empowering people in their maternity, pre and post pregnancy bodies.

Private studio personal trainer, Dana Buccheri, is a Girls Gone Strong certified pregnancy exercise expert and leads our pre and post natal sessions.

You will focus on the holistic process from pre pregnancy preparation, strengthening, mobility and muscular coordination through postpartum core recovery and total body strengthening, diastasis recti and pelvic floor exercise training.

Working out while pregnant is good for you and your child. Exercise improves energy levels, regulates sleep, boosts your mood and reduces pregnancy discomfort.

Hydration is important when you’re carrying – dehydration may lead to contractions and raise your body temperature.

Training post-baby is a great way to regain muscle strength, coordination and build endurance to keep up with your newborn.

Start slow, your body just went through major changes and needs time to adjust.

Don’t feel disappointed if you’re having trouble getting back into your pre-pregnancy exercise routine. We will guide you through a comfortable, steady progression.